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Couple’s League and Ladies League

Couples Golf

Are you interested in joining a couples league or ladies league?

We have both and they are a ton of fun!!

If you interested in joining the ladies league and do not have a partner just let me know and I can pair you up with someone else who also does not have a partner. Both of the league are very relaxed and are meant to be something fun to do.

If you have any questions about either league or are interested in joining one of the leagues please give us a call at 518-736-4622 or email at

Both Leagues will be starting later this year because of what is going on. Currently we are allowing golf carts out for use with one person per cart unless you reside in the same household. We are planning on starting both leagues in June and running through September.

We normally have a meeting before the leagues start but unfortunately are unable to do so with what is going on. Instead we will be having a Zoom meeting online. So if you are interested let me know so I can make sure you are a part of the online meeting!

Couples Golf

  • Format will be a 2 person scramble. You are required to take at least 3 tee shots from each member of your team for 9 holes.
  • The league goes out between 4-6 pm on Tuesday nights.
  • I will be generating a team handicap for each team based on your score average.

Ladies League

  • The format will be a two person scramble. There will be a different contest each week to try and win. (Ex. Closest to the pin, fewest putts, longest drive, etc.)
  • You can play at anytime on Thursday, just coordinate with the team you are playing.
  • I will be generating a team handicap for each team based on your score average.
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